1. Title deeds including parent documents, this could include at least 3 transactions and the history dating back to at least 50 years to establish title.
  2. Revenue records for the land including all – Enjoyment Certicates, Patta, Chitta, Adangals, Kist (tax)
  3. Receipts for the last 25 years to identify possession.
  4. Corporation tax records including TNEB, CMWSSB and approved plans for buildings and layouts (plots)
    Village map, FMB (certified by VAO) and Are Register for lands to mark and identify location, possession and ownership.
  5. Encumbrance certificates (EC) for last 50 years at least.
  6. Verification in requisite departments for acquisitions (NH, TNRDC, TNHB, SIPCOT) and to check if all above documents are genuine.
  7. Death, Legal heir certificates from the Tahsildar etc. and other documents that may be deemed necessary on a case to case basis as advised by a competent advocate.

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